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Media Contact

The CEIBS Marketing & Communications Department is available to assist journalists in the following ways:

- Faculty interviews: CEIBS has nearly 70 full-time professors, each with a distinct and deep-rooted area of specialisation related to China. All professors speak fluent English, many speak Chinese, and some speak European languages. Each professor offers a blend of international experience (all have PhD and teaching experience from top-tier international business schools) matched with China research areas.

- Information, research, story ideas: CEIBS Marketing & Communications Department includes former journalists who remember well the pressure of deadlines, fact-checking, interviews for breaking news and impatient editors. We are at your service in providing story ideas, leads, and information generated from CEIBS teaching and research.

- Access to events, seminars, forums: CEIBS hosts several newsworthy, media-friendly events each week. Visit the CEIBS website for current listings of upcoming events.

- CEIBS Knowledge: where our professors and other experts regularly offer their insight on current affairs, or share their latest research. Content includes both text and video as well as CEIBS alumni magazine TheLINK.

- Quick Quotes: A snapshot of faculty comments on hot topics in the news. 

CEIBS Media Interview Requests

CEIBS welcomes media interview requests for its faculty, students and alumni. Please contact any members of the communications team listed below with your contact information and interview topics.

English language media contact:

Chinese language media contact: