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  • Library Exhibition

    An Aesthetic Appreciation of the CEIBS Library 



  • Reliving Memories to Looking Forward to a Better Future
    ——CEIBS Historical Photo Gallery


As members of CEIBS, we are eager to reminiscing about the past of the school’s developments. The CEIBS photography exhibition realizes our expectations of reviewing the school’s history.

  • An Aesthetic Appreciation of the CEIBS Library

Chances are you are very familiar with the Library, one of CEIBS’ signature architectural pieces, as it has frequently appeared on the school’s website, posters, brochures and display boards over the years. But have you ever really looked at the Library? Have you ever tried to truly understand and appreciate the building?

Completed in 1999, the 3-storey Library is right at the centre of CEIBS Shanghai Campus Phase I & Phase II. At 24m it is also the tallest building in this section of the Shanghai campus. Surrounded by serene ponds, it is an exquisite example of geometric beauty. Standing on a square pedestal, the library features an indented façade as the elevation rises up and a cross-shaped skylight that is separated into four sections on top. The building’s square outline creates a graceful and solemn first impression from the outside, while the octagonal interior lives up to expectations by providing a very appealing view from within. The lobby and surrounding reading rooms offer a peaceful and tranquil environment as sunlight filters in through the skylight.

Today, tomorrow and in the years to come, the CEIBS Library stands as a masterpiece of exquisite architectural art…

  • CEIBS Scholars' Books Exhibition

CEIBS Scholars' Books Exhibition

Our exhibition is now open! This is an exhibition to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of CEIBS. The displayed items include more than 160 selected books authored or edited by full-time faculty members during their time at CEIBS.

The exhibition, on display in the library's ground floor Room 1.01 beginning on Wednesday, 15th October, is open for the public.

Visitors will be able to enjoy CEIBS' impressive academic results and experience the school's rich intellectual atmosphere, thus inspiring more enthusiasm for learning and creating knowledge.

  • Book Exhibition on Family Business

An exhibit of selected publications is always on view in library's ground floor Room 1.07.

Book Exhibition on Family Business Book Exhibition on Family Business

  • Faculty Publications Exhibit

An exhibit of selected faculty work.

Exhibit of CEIBS Faculty Publications  Faculty Publications Exhibit

  • Book Exhibition: Service Innovation

The current Library Exhibit focuses on service innovation. If you are frustrated by how to improve your service in the sharp competitive environment, please come to the library and read the books under the subject of  "Service Innovation".  All the books are displaying at the Reference Books Area in the library (Room 1.02). Click here to view the book list (PDF version).

Book Exhibition: Service Innovation