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Frequently Asked Questions

How to look for a collection

How do I find library collections?

1. We suggest you use our to search for library collections. You can search any keywords such as title, author and subject terms. All books are shelved by call number in different areas and the library catalogue will tell you where the collection is located.

2. Here is a quick guide for call numbers:

000 Generalities

100 Philosophy and psychology

200 Religion

30- Social sciences in general

31- Collections of general statistics

32- Political

33- Economics

34- Law

35- Public

36- Social problems and services, associations

37- Education

38- Commerce, communications, transportation

39- Customs, etiquette, folklore

400 Language

500 Natural sciences and mathematics

60-~64- Technology (Applied sciences)

650-653 Office service

657 Accounting

658.0 General management

658.1 Organisation and finance

658.2 Plant management

658.3 Personal management

658.4 Executive management

658.5 Management of Production

658.7 Management of materials

658.8 Management of distribution (Marketing)

659 Advertising and public relations

7-- The arts

8-- Literature and rhetoric

9-- Geography and history

3. You may review your account, renew books and place holds on items via the online catalogue.

How do I find general books?

General books are print materials that do not include reference books, textbooks and reference books appointed for module use.

General books are shelved on the second floor (see map) and third floor (see map). All books are classified and organised by call number.

How do I find other print material?

1. Textbooks and reference books appointed for module use: Appointed textbooks and reference books are short-loan items during the module. They are specially shelved on the TEXTBOOK SHELF on the first floor (see map)  

2. CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) serials: New CFA serials are not available for borrowing. They are specially shelved on the TEXTBOOK SHELF on the first floor (see map). CFA materials from the previous year are shelved as general books and may be borrowed.

3. Reference books: Reference books including dictionaries, encyclopaedias, yearbooks, and almanac are not available for borrowing. Dictionaries are specially shelved on the REFERENCE BOOK SHELF on the first floor (see map). Encyclopaedias, yearbooks, almanac are specially shelved in the REFERENCE Room 1.08 on the first floor (see map).

4. CDC books: CDC books are not available for borrowing. They are specially shelved in the ELECTRONIC RESOURCES AREA 1.10 on the first floor (see map).

5. Books on display: Books on display are specially shelved in the Family Heritage Library 1.07 and Reference Area 1.02 on the first floor (see map)

How do I find periodicals and newspapers?

Periodicals and newspapers are shelved on the second floor (see map).

How do I find special collections?

1. CD-ROM: To borrow or read these, please ask at the library reception desk.

2. Visual Materials: To borrow or read these, please ask at the library reception desk.

What electronic resources are available and can I access electronic resources from off campus?

1. Electronic resources are e-books, e-databases, e-journals and e-news. All our electronic resources are listed on the library website. User guides are available on the library website and hard copies are available in ELECTRONIC RESOURCES AREA 1.10.

2. Most electronic resources can be accessed directly from on campus. Some resources require login information. User name and password needed are available in the public folder of CEIBS’ email box and are updated in a timely manner.  If accessing electronic resources from off campus, please first with your CEIBS email account.

How to use the library collections

Who may use the library collections?

1.  You will always need your CEIBS ID card to borrow items from the library.

2.  Faculty members, full-time administrative staff, MBA students, EMBA students and FMBA students at CEIBS are automatically members of the library. Access and borrowing privileges may vary for Executive Education students depending on the course type. Part-time staff, short course students, alumni and visitors from CEIBS' sponsors are welcome to use the non-restricted resources in the library.


Forms of identification



Loan period


Off campus access




Up to 32 items 
(incl. 2 desk copies, 
2 reference items, 
1 exhibition item)

General item: 56-day loan



Exhibition item: 7-day loan

MBA students 
(incl. exchange students)



Up to 8 items 
(incl. 1 textbook , 
1 exhibition item)

General item: 28-day loan



Exhibition item: 7-day loan

Textbook: 3hrs loan, overnight loan (6 pm-9am)

Full-time administrative staff



Up to 8 items (general items only)

28-day loan



Part-time staff

Letter from department confirming current status.






EMBA and FMBA students



Up to 10 items (general items only)

56-day loan



Executive Education 
(only available to students on long-term courses)



Up to 10 items (general items only)

56-day loan




Student card or alumni card. 

RMB1,500.00 deposit

Up to 4 items (general items only)

28-day loan



Visitors from sponsors and other academic institution

Photo ID and letter from home organisation confirming current status.

RMB10.00 Per day





What may I borrow from the library?

1. All books may be borrowed under the different circulation rules shown in the library membership table. Books from our short loan collection (Reserve Stacks) are only available for borrowing by MBA students.

2. Journals and newspapers are not available for borrowing.

How many items may I borrow?

1. Staff and MBA students may borrow up to 8 items. EMBA, FMBA and  Executive Education students may borrow up to 10 items. Alumni borrower card holders may borrow up to 4 items.   

2. Faculty members may borrow up to 32 items.

How long may I borrow items for, and can I renew the items?

1. For MBA students, staff, and alumni borrower card holders, the borrowing time is four weeks (28 days) and the borrowed books can be renewed for another four weeks online. Renewals are only allowed when no one else has reserved the book.

2. For Faculty members, EMBA, FMBA and Executive Education students, the borrowing time is eight weeks, no renewing is allowed.

What are the fines for overdue, damaged or lost material? (The overdue fine is discharged during COVID-19 period)

1. The fine for an overdue item is RMB0.30 per day. The fine for a short loan item (e.g. text-book) is RMB10.00 per hour.

2. Those who lose any library items will be fined 3 times the current price.

3. Those who purposely damage or steal any items from the library will be fined 5 times the current list price of the item and the Library shall take further action according to plots and consequences.

Who can I use our electronic resources?

1. All electronic resources including e-books, e-journals, e-database and e-news are available to staff, faculty members, MBA students, MBA Exchange Students, and EMBA and Executive Education multi-module students. 

How to get useful information from the library’s electronic resources

How do I find information in one search?

One Stop Search can help you find articles, books, primary sources, media and more in one search with any keywords.

How do I find an e-journal article?

When looking for a full text article, please use our E-journal portal. This is where you may search for an e-journal by its title or browse the title alphabetically. E-journals, print journals and journals aggregated into e-databases may be found here.