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Finance MBA FAQ

On Application

Does CEIBS offer/accept on-line application? How do I apply?

The CEIBS FMBA Programme ONLY offers and accepts on-line applications. Please log on to then click on “” to complete and submit your application.

Can Diploma/Degree holders from overseas institutions apply?

Holders of a Diploma/Degree from institutions in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan or any other area outside China can apply in any of the following forms:

  • Provide a copy of the Diploma/Degree Certificate and the original Academic Transcript; or
  • Have the Diploma/Degree Certificate accredited by the Chinese Service Centre for Scholarly

Exchange of the Ministry of Education (only applicable for Chinese applicants), provide a copy of the Certificate of Accreditation to Foreign Academic Degree/Diploma issued by the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange.

How do you define the requirement of “at least 5 years of working experience, with at least 2 years for managerial positions”?

Five years of working experience is a minimum requirement. For example, those who will have five years of working experience by September 2015 are eligible to apply for 2015 CEIBS FMBA Programme.
In addition, applicants must have at least two years of managerial experience, i.e., leading a company or a team for a certain project. We suggest that applicants showcase their working experience and managerial expertise in the essay part (of the application form) and recommendation letters so as to help the Admission Committee better assess their leadership potential.

Do you give priority to some sub-sectors in the finance section?

Only those who currently work in the financial industry or in corporate finance functions can apply for the FMBA Programme. We do not give priority to some sub-sectors over others in the financial section.

Are there any restrictions on applicants’ undergraduate majors?

No. There is frequently an explosion of knowledge in the financial industry. Thus, we need to reconstruct each student’s knowledge of the financial system, regardless of his/her major at the undergraduate level.

Are there any format requirements regarding the organisational chart to be included in the application package?

An organisational chart can help the Admission Committee better understand your position in an organisation. We have no special format requirements. Thus, you can either use the existing organisational chart of your company or draw a new one on your own, but don’t forget to mark your position on the chart.

When can I receive an interview notification after passing the CEIBS Admission Test?

Generally, the interview notification is sent within one week after you pass the test.

How is the interview conducted? When can I know the interview results?

Each interview takes approximately 40 minutes. The applicant will be interviewed by two senior interviewers. The face-to-face talk involves the applicant’s work experience, views on management, and personal competencies.

On Curriculum

Each module for the FMBA Programme will span only four days. How can CEIBS ensure its “Financial Depth”?

CEIBS FMBA Programme offers highly-intensive and high-quality modules. Four days of intensive learning per month is within the upper limit for a part-time programme. To ensure “Financial Depth”, lecturers won’t spend much time imparting basic financial knowledge. Instead, students are required to complete a great deal of pre-course reading, prepare for case studies, and even spend evenings holding group discussions.

Who teaches the CEIBS FMBA Programme?

The CEIBS FMBA Programme has first-rate faculty in all management disciplines, particularly in finance. CEIBS’ professors of finance, accounting and economics have personally designed compulsory courses and launched specific finance-related elective courses for the programme.

CEIBS has also established strong connections with the finance sectors; various business leaders will be invited to CEIBS events as guest speakers and share their experiences with students.

What sets the CEIBS FMBA Programme apart from other part-time finance MBA programmes?

Customisation is the most important quality that sets the CEIBS FMBA Programme apart from the rest. It can be seen not only in terms of curriculum design, but also in regard to applicant selection. The programme targets senior and middle-level managers in financial institutions and those in other industries whose work involves financial management. The most relevant financial courses will be offered on the basis of the industries that the students are involved in, while the general management course will be tailored to incorporate content and cases in relation to the financial industry. 

The admission process emphasises applicant background in order to identify the top echelon that best represents the elite of financial institutions and in financial divisions of other industries. The interaction between the most talented students and experienced instructors will ensure an unparalleled learning experience with long-lasting benefits.

On Tuition

Can I apply for scholarship or other financial aid? What types of scholarship and financial aid does CEIBS offer?

CEIBS will offer pre-enrolment scholarship for outstanding FMBA applicants who apply and are enrolled. The scholarship should be applied for in advance. The Scholarship Review Committee will review all scholarship applicants based on educational and professional background, personal accomplishments, interview performance and potential contribution to the Finance MBA programme.

CEIBS has also entered into an agreement with China Merchants Bank, China Construction Bank and Bank of China which allows Chinese mainland students to apply for bank loans.